Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Fantastic Site


This site has been developed by a Melbourne (Australia) teacher to share resources. The power points, posters and word documents are free and absolutely fabulous.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Literacy Circle Cards


Victoria, from the 'Wise and Witty Teacher' has created these free downloadable cards that can be used for group literacy circles.  There is also a PowerPoint presentation that you can download to show the different roles.
Follow the link above to her blogspot.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Website for Lower Primary

From pbskids.org A fact and opinion clip and game.

Fact or Opinion Chart

From polkapic.org

Inference Picture

From google.com What are three things you can tell about the person who these feet belong to?

Inference Picture

From google.com Why is this man on the floor?

Inference Picture

From google.com What do you think is in this person's backpack?

Inference Anchor Chart

From missklohnsclassroom.blogspot.com

Saturday, 9 February 2013

DRAPES Approach to Writing

An explanation of the acronym DRAPES and how to use this to encourage students to use persuasive devices in their writing.

Friday, 8 February 2013

6 Traits of Writing

'Down Under Teacher' has created posters and cards for the 6 Traits of Writing. As always, her work is beautiful and would definitely brighten any classroom. She has the six headers and over ninety cards to put underneath.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Appreciating the Zero

The Electric Company, Annie and Danny present:

'IE' Sounds

The Electric Company, Shock and P-Star present:

Soft 'G'

The Electric Company and Mario Barrett present:

Two Ways to Say 'C'

The Electric Company and Sean Kingston presents:


The Electric Company and LL Cool J present:

Transformer 'H'

The Electric Company and Ne-Yo present:

Bossy R

The Electric Company and Veronica Jackson present:

Who, What, When, Where, Why, How

The Electric Company and Good Charlotte present:

CARS and STARS Video

Hawker Brownlow presents: A Teacher's Guide to STARS and CARS


The following inference poster was found on Pinterest. The connection is no longer viable. As soon as I find the owner, I will post the new link.

Inference Pictures

Rachelle Lynette has created an Inference photo board on Pinterest. She has collected a variety of photos that can be used in the classroom to introduce inference skills.


This is one of the examples on her board. This photo has been taken from google.com

Spelling Rules Posters

Clever Clasroom have created some fantastic spelling rule posters. These posters could be made into consolidations. Take a snapshot and paste into PowerPoint file. Then go to the design button and make image clearer. This file contains 47 pages.

They can be purchased at - http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Spelling-Rules-Posters-47-pages

Clever Classroom also sells spelling posters for older grades.

Fact Versus Opinion Song

Created by The GrammarHeads http://grammarheads.com/

Prediction Tune In

Fun photographs to discuss prediction. This twenty-three page booklet is free on TeachersNotebook.com. Created by Leah Offutt.

Prediction Tune In

Prediction Lower Primary

Prediction - Lower School

Pause the video at 45seconds

BeforeWhat do you predict is going to happen next?
The images make me think that _______________.
The background music makes it seem like ______________.

AfterI changed my first prediction when I ___________________.
My prediction was confirmed because _______________.

CAFE Wall Cards

'Down Under Teacher' has created these beautiful cards for each CAFE strategy. The link for printing can be found on her website.

Sheena Cameron

Sheena Cameron's  latest book Teaching Reading Comprehension Strategies – a practical classroom guide, (Pearson Education 2009),was released in October 2009. The book is based on current research in reading comprehension and outlines how to translate this into realistic classroom practice. (From Website)


Comprehension Puppets

Primary Concepts sell these comprehension puppets.

  • Paula the Powerful Predictor thinks about what will come next
  • Game show host Quincy Questioner asks questions about text
  • Clara Clarifier monitors understanding
  • Friendly cowboy Sammy Summarizer lassoes the main idea

Florida Centre for Reading Research

FCRR has a vast reading resource collection. Their resources are broken up into K-1, 2-3 and 4-5. There are hundreds of activities to download for free.


Anchor Charts

Nancy from 'Teaching My Friends!' creates amazing anchor charts for her classroom. Here are some of her examples. On her site, you will find detailed descriptions of each chart and how she uses them within her classroom.

Melissa from 2nd Grade with Mrs Wade has created this Visualising Poster

Ms Bongers from 'Life in 4B' has created the following anchor chart. Her blog is fantastic and you can find many other resources for reading.

Jennifer Jones from 'Hello Literacy' has created this prediction anchor chart.

Many other anchor charts can be found at Nancy's site.

Saturday, 2 February 2013


Here are some questions from Sheena Cameron (http://sheenacameron.co.nz/) that you can use before and after watching this clip.

Before -
* I think Willie Jones will sing ________________ because ____________________.
 * His style of clothing makes me think that he will sing _________________________.
 *  From other singers I have seen, he reminds me of ___________________ who would sing _____________.
* The song played as he walks on stage makes me think that _______________________.

After -
* I assumed ____________ but _____________________.
* I changed my first predictions after hearing the first few bars of music because _______________
* How much did you rely on your schema? (background knowledge)
* What background knowledge did you have before watching this clip?

Main Idea